As Elvira Camacho, I’ve been immersed in my passion for photography since 1998, exploring various aspects such as photojournalism and studio work.

As Elvira Photographer since 2009 in Bolaños de Calatrava (Ciudad Real), my hometown where I returned after training in Madrid. There, I studied Higher Technician in Image and worked for local newspapers in the south of Madrid.



Moving closer to my roots, I worked in photography studios, learning not only to improve my craft but also valuable life lessons. I’ve met wonderful people who witnessed my growth—thank you all. From those early days until now, my dedication to this work has only deepened. I’ve been fortunate to capture thousands of faces, witness various events, from weddings and communions to political and religious gatherings, theatrical performances, sports galas, local celebrations, and more. 

“Thanks to everyone who entrusted me with their moments”

Elvira Photographer